Thunder Cat

I have two books I should finish reading this weekend. Thunder has decided to help me by keeping me pinned to the sofa.


9 thoughts on “Thunder Cat

    1. Yes, Thunder has a sister named Lightning. They are not friendly to each other so Lightning spends her time in a closed off part of the house where my husband hangs out, making her more his cat. Not to worry, it is a very spacious area, intended as a master suite, but for us it is my husband’s office, dressing room and his private bathroom too. I really should make a point to give Lightning more blog coverage at some point.

  1. Thunder has the right idea! I just finished The Cat Who Came In From The Cold by Deric Longden and I just started his follow up to that book, Enough To Make A Cat Laugh. I need some light reading with some laughs and his books make me smile!
    Good Morning Kitty!

  2. Cats are one of my favorites of all God’s creatures. We once had a beloved black cat named, “Kitty.”

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