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Thunder Cat

I have two books I should finish reading this weekend. Thunder has decided to help me by keeping me pinned to the sofa.


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9 thoughts on “Thunder Cat

  1. I remember you writing about Thunder — do you have another black cat named Lightning? Thunder is a beautiful cat.

    • Yes, Thunder has a sister named Lightning. They are not friendly to each other so Lightning spends her time in a closed off part of the house where my husband hangs out, making her more his cat. Not to worry, it is a very spacious area, intended as a master suite, but for us it is my husband’s office, dressing room and his private bathroom too. I really should make a point to give Lightning more blog coverage at some point.

  2. Thunder has the right idea! I just finished The Cat Who Came In From The Cold by Deric Longden and I just started his follow up to that book, Enough To Make A Cat Laugh. I need some light reading with some laughs and his books make me smile!
    Good Morning Kitty!

  3. My Sophie always seems to jump up in my lap right as I’m thinking about getting up to pee! :)

  4. I hope Thunder did a good job so you could finish reading your books.:)

  5. timelesslady on said:

    Cats are one of my favorites of all God’s creatures. We once had a beloved black cat named, “Kitty.”

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