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Six Word Fridays ~ Stretch

Stretch your neck,lightning stretch  look up Lightning,

You are a beautiful black cat.


Lighting is always in the sun.

That makes taking her picture tricky.








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7 thoughts on “Six Word Fridays ~ Stretch

  1. Trying to get a picture of a pet in any position can be tricky!

  2. What a great name for a cat! and I love your six words.

  3. Good six words, fun cause they are about a kitty!!! I think this is the first time I have seen Lightning!

  4. Lightning is a beautiful cat.

  5. Thanks everyone It is high time I posted about Miss Lightning. I just spend so much more of my time with Thunder.

  6. Black cats are so beautiful. We use to have one named Angel, but sometimes certainly didn’t really fit him because he was so mischievous, but miss him always.:) Really like your idea for Stretch and his name is so original. Nice…

  7. So cool – LOVE amimal stretches! They have just a wild abandon about them!

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