11 thoughts on “Six Word Fridays ~ Short

  1. Yes, I think that perfectly sums up how a cat thinks!

    I owe you a response to your question of how I lost weight. Yes, I did cut carbs by quite a bit. I followed the paleo diet, although I could not get it as low carb as they recommended. Still, between that and some medication I was taking, I lost about a pound a week until January. From January to May I lost inches, but no weight. Now it all seems to have stabilized but I’m still not losing weight. However, I also haven’t gained it back. So almost 40 pounds was pretty good.


    1. Thanks for sharing your diet info. At the moment I am using MyFitnessPal and logging everything. I find it hard to do long term but I try to tell myself every little bit helps. Stabilizing after a 40 lb loss strikes me as fantastic. Not gaining back is a big victory.

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