Concord Colonial Inn Concord, MA

A nice room for an anniversary get-a-way In additional to a comfortable bed & bath the Inn served excellent food in their main dinning room. I enjoyed this plate of lightly bread veal cutlet & fresh veggies. My dessert choice was carrot cake while my husband enjoyed strawberry cheesecake. Our room also included breakfast in … Continue reading Concord Colonial Inn Concord, MA


Word for 11/22 – Check

While in Concord today we decided to take a walk through the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  Our objective was to check out “Authors Ridge“, the resting place of Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Louisa May Alcott, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.  I am very glad we did.  The whole cemetery is picturesque.

Nov 13 – Gobble

The word gobble makes me think Thanksgiving.  Last year I spent the holiday at the Concord Colonial Inn in Concord, MA.  It was so nice that my husband & I are going to do the same this year. sitting area of our roommain dinning room  

Word for 4/22 – Only

Sleeping in a room that housed a Queen is something I figure may only happen once in a lifetime.  This is the room Queen Noir of Jordan stayed in while back in Concord, MA for a high school reunion.  My husband and I were given the room for our stay there last Thanksgiving.