Thoughtful Thursday — Reality TV

Are there any reality TV shows you’d try out for?

No.  I have no desire to be seen on TV.  With the quantity of reality program I confess there are a few that I do watch on a regular basis and a few of those do include people who are not outrageous but I still want to give up my spot on my couch for a place in front of the cameras.

My semi- or not so semi- trashy viewing habits:  Real Housewives of NYC (who prove that money does not buy class, neither do distant minor European titles), MasterChef (I admire the skills of the home cooks, I could not match their talent and I would not stand for the verbal beatings they have to take from Gordon Ramsey et al), and the cooking competitions for pros like Chopped or Top Chef Masters.

How about you?  Would you put yourself in front of the cameras for fame, fortune, or other reasons?  Are you refined enough, busy enough to avoid the whole reality TV medium?  If you do indulge in reality TV watching which programs have you hooked?



Thoughtful Thursday – Do you prefer the city or the country?

Do you prefer the city or the country?

This is a “the grass is always greener on the other side” question in all likely hood.  I have lived all my life in the rural countryside.  Going to the city is always a treat, a chance to see museums, hear music, eat at different restaurants, shop for things not available in person back home.  I dream of having those opportunities available on a daily basis, of having public transit to jump on to take me them.  But…,  there is always a but, after 7 to 10 days I tire of the dirty, grimy feeling that comes from the crush of people and  I start  longing  for fresher, cleaner air.  Still I believe living in a city is something I would find pleasing as long as I could escape to the country from time to time.  That and afford a lovely condo in a nice neighborhood.   Do not expect to hear that I have relocated anytime soon.

Thoughtful Thursday # 25 – What makes you smile?

What makes you smile like nothing smile like nothing else can?

At this particular point in my life my new cat Thunder makes me smile like nothing else can. She is independent at times, as any cat ought to be.  Yet at other times she is a lap cat or cuddly cat.  She has a habit of rolling on to her back, crossing her front paws, and giving the most longing look.  Playing with her toy on a stick is what she wants when she does that.   

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Thoughtful Thursday # 24 – Cord or Parachute

Would you rather go bungee jumping or skydiving?

I am a keep my feet firmly planted on the ground kind of gal.  I do not even like to stand close to the edge of an observation platform or bridge railing.  So bungee jumping? –  I do not think so.  My head is spinning at the thought of it.  I image the cord breaking or if it held bouncing upside down for days on end.  Not that I image myself with a parachute drifting through the sky either.  But if I had to do one or the other I am opting for the skydiving.  Maybe I would luck into a  reassuring mature instructor for a tandem jump.  Someone who would gently laugh as I trembled and screamed my lungs off.  I recall as a teenager watching TV broadcasts of skydivers who made formations holding hands in the air.  I thought it was looked beautiful.  Just the same I would rather opt for a hot air balloon ride.  That is something I have actually wished to do.



Thoughtful Thursday # 22 – Technology

Share what you enjoy most about today’s technology.

My newest piece of technology is my iPhone and it is my favorite.  It isn’t the phone aspect of it that has me enthralled, it is getting back to the  ol’  Apple mentality and the wide selection of free apps.  And I love that the case I purchased for my iPhone lets me get away without a purse a good deal of the time.

The  disadvantages that send me back to my laptop are the absence of a traditional keyboard (but I would not like to lug a keyboard with me everywhere) and the fact my eyesight does not make viewing the web on the small screen very practical (but I am amazed at how much I do sitting on the couch with my iPhone vs sitting down with my laptop.)

I believe word processing in general is one of the most liberating technologies of my lifetime.  How many of you remember ‘white out’ and that erasable typing paper?

Thoughtful Thursday # 21 – 1959

What do you know about the year you were born? 

I was born in 1959.  The facts and trivia I am going to share next are from the website   If you were born between 1946 to 1964 you too can visit that site to find out what happened during the year that you were born.

In 1959 the toy manufacturer Wham-O introduces the “Frisbee”.    On a more serious note Alaska and Hawaii become U.S. states while Fidel Castro wins his Cuban revolution.  The president of the U.S. is Dwight D. Eisenhower and his vice-president is Richard M. Nixon.

The website says that in 1959 the cost of a gallon of gas was 25 cents and a movie ticket was $1.00.  Going back to iconic toys Mattel’s Barbie Doll was launched in 1959 with a price tag of $1.29.  (I was never very interested in Barbie but my younger brother was.)  On the international news front the Dalai Lama was forced to flee Tibet and the U.K. granted Cyprus its independence.  Here in the U.S. the Grammy Music Awards were started and NASA introduced their first astronauts including John H. Glenn Jr, and Alan Shepard Jr.. to the world.

And I arrived on October 21st, ten days too early to be a Halloween baby, but ready to take on whatever life had to offer.

Thoughtful Thursday # 20 – Like a sore thumb?

In what ways do you stand out?

We all have our differences and I know I am different in any number of ways from the people around me.  I have never felt that I am that good at really understanding how others see me, or what others really think of me despite knowing that I quite intuitive in other ways.  So I could be off base when answering this prompt but I am going to go for it.

The physical is a good place to start.  I am overweight and generally entirely round in an area full of outdoorsy athletic folks who are taller, slimmer, non-curvy and inclined to dress straight out of the L.L. Bean catalog or an Eastern Mountain Sports store.  The clothes are upmarket but causal:  The North Face, Patagonia, Woolrich, Dansko, Merrill.   I do have clothes and shoes that fit the norm for the area but I still do not feel they are  really me.  Being plus sized and under 5′ 2″ I am happier with the more classic tailored items found at Talbots or with labels like Elisabeth, Jones New York, Naturalizer, Nine West.  Age wise I think I am also not quite within the norm either.  It is a college area, so a large number of 18 – 30s but also a hub for retirees, 65 – 85/90s.  At 52 I am once again not within the norms.  Conclusion physically I stand out for my body shape, lack of height, everyday – around the house attire that is not so upscale outdoorsy, and ‘dress’ clothes that are more classically tailored, business influenced than the still sporty casual attire donned by most folks, plus I am either older or younger than most groups of people.

How do I stand out beyond the veneer of appearance/age?  I am not a “move in” from a far away state or foreign country but I am not a local from the immediate counties.  That places me as a true stand out.  Most people in this area have ‘pedigreed’  higher education (move ins) or are multi-generational locally education.  I am more like the locals but attached, by marriage, to the ‘pedigreed’ set — say uncomfortably positioned with one foot on either side of the fence (and with short legs to boot!).  Now for what honestly makes me stand out like a sore thumb:  I tend to speak loudly, I giggle when I am happy or nervous, and I am apt to say what I think.   As the years pass I am far less likely to apologize for, or struggle to reform the fact that I do not blend in so well.  So what if I stand out (stick out) like a sore thumb.

Thoughtful Thursday # 19 – To Do List

What one thing can you not seem to scratch off your to do list?

I looked at this prompt and giggled because: 1- what do you mean ONE thing, and 2- I stopped keeping a to do list about 10 years ago other than an occasional be sure I don’t forget today list.  That said sorting stuff (papers, magazines, closets) and de-cluttering is something that never gets totally completed — one closet, one room yes, but everything?  —  never.  A second thing would be repainting rooms or trim work that needs refreshing.  But my attitude on this is no big deal, the world keeps turning.

How about you?  What is it that is always on your to do list, if you keep one?

Thoughtful Thursday # 18 – Five Words

Describe your personality in 5 words or less.  (Then explain.)

 Chatty – Tenacious – Curious – Intuitive – Cheerful.

No doubt about it I love chatting away with anyone who offers an ear and some feedback.

I do not like to throw in the towel.  Tenacious is a word some friends have use toward me and it sounds more positive than stubborn, but at times stubborn might be more reflective of my attitude.

Curious, because I am.  My curiosity may take the form of being inquisitive or digging around for information.  And you know what curiosity can do to a Kitty cat.

Intuitive.  After observation, and perhaps some research I tend to go with what I feel. Don’t try to sway me completely with data and statistics.

Cheerful.  It is a reflex.  Even if I would like to blow up in anger I am going to try a smile, a joke, some irony, a raising of my eyebrows before I launch into a hissing  fit.  (Or so I think.)


Thoughtful Thursday # 17 – Art

What type of art do you appreciate most?

I am going to address this question in terms of visual art.  I am fond of landscapes, still life paintings, and portraits (people or pets).  I like watercolors and pastels best.

I live in an area full of artists of all types.  I am not a deep pocketed collector so I tend to appreciate the works of people who manage to produce moderately priced work that reflect this region.  I have several watercolors by Deborah Holmes.   My husband and I purchased a couple of her winter scenes and pictures of sheep over the years as Christmas gifts to us.  To see what she has available for sale now click here.  My favorite picture in my home however is a pastel portrait of Zoe, the cat who graced my home for 17 years.  My next art purchase?  Easy, that will be portraits of my two new cats,  Thunder and Lightning.