Travel Tuesday # 23 – Bishop’s Palace & Gardens, Wells England

If there is any place where the pictures in my scrapbook fail to do justice to my memory of its beauty  Wells Bishop’s Palace & Gardens is it.  I also believe there have been a lot of improvements made to this attraction since my August 2005 visit.  
The first time we went to Wells to visit the Cathedral we were unaware that the Bishop’s Palace & Gardens were there just around the corner.  Luckily we found out about them on made a return trip to visit both.  And my husband and I need to get back to Wells England again as we have yet to catch a service and hear their choir live.

Travel Tuesday # 22 – Vale of Evesham

Time to share another scrapbook page.  I pulled a red binder off my shelf and found memories of an August 2005 trip to England.  My husband was on a mission to see a number of cathedrals and while there are tons of pictures of them I enjoyed taking shots of the landscape while we traveled mile after mile on trains.  These photos include some crops being harvested.  I could not figure out what the crop was.  If you know, or have an educated guess I am interested in learning.

I’ll be posting more pages from this particular trip in the weeks to come.  Until then…

Travel Tuesday # 13 – New Mexico

Back in the summer of 1997 I made my first (and thus far only) trip to the American South-West.  I was tagging along with my husband who had some professional meetings in New Mexico. 

After the trip I have never attempted to grow hollyhocks again.

The sky, the mountains, and fields are all strikingly different from my home region.

These sunflowers caught my eye.

Although I don’t have a photo that is a good illustration I do remember coming home from the trip with a much more vivid idea of what the term ‘plateau’ meant after seeing geographical plateaus first hand.  And while it was nice to visit this part of the country I was positive I would not be happy in that climate for any more than a week or two.

Travel Tuesday # 12 – Butchart Gardens

If only every abandoned quarry looked like this. Butchart Gardens
800 Benvenuto Avenue, Brentwood Bay on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada

I want to go back.  My husband was experiencing allergies on the day we went to Butchart Gardens so I did not get to see as much as I wanted or to have as much fun as I expected.   But I did get a few glorious photos and the ability to say “been there.”

Word for 12/23 – Blind

It would be hard to be have to decide between being deaf or blind.  Most of the time I think I would select being blind because I can not imagine giving up the ability to converse or listen to music.  Yet when I look back at pictures, especially pictures with a riot of colors like the one below,  I know I would miss seeing such sights.

flower border Bristol England