Green & White

It is amazing how good my yard looks when I can crop very small portions of it, and adjust the color.  My bulbs did not do much this spring, will need to plant new ones this fall.  The crab apple tree above is pretty for about 3 days.  The picture was taken a day past peak.  My little irises may be good for another few days.  Have some annuals to plant, but waiting for temperatures to fall below the current high 80s.

That’s it from here, for now.

On the move

If you could move to any location on the planet, where would you go and why?

I spent a good number of years dreaming of retiring to the Cotswolds town of Morton-in-Marsh. If I could move anywhere that would still be high on my list of choices. However if money is no object I might consider a location in central London within view of one of the beautiful parks. If I did so I would enjoy the lovely flower gardens without having to labor, I would visit museums, attend concerts and theatre. And when I needed an escape from the urban hustle and bustle I would take a train out to the countryside.

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Travel Tuesday # 23 – Bishop’s Palace & Gardens, Wells England

If there is any place where the pictures in my scrapbook fail to do justice to my memory of its beauty  Wells Bishop’s Palace & Gardens is it.  I also believe there have been a lot of improvements made to this attraction since my August 2005 visit.  
The first time we went to Wells to visit the Cathedral we were unaware that the Bishop’s Palace & Gardens were there just around the corner.  Luckily we found out about them on made a return trip to visit both.  And my husband and I need to get back to Wells England again as we have yet to catch a service and hear their choir live.

Six Word Friday – 6/1/12

Topic:  REASON

My reason for late evening posts?    

I have been fighting weeds outside.

Twelve cherry tomato plants are in,

Four Roma plants and two Beefsteaks

Still await transplanting, poor potted things.

Grass abounds in flower beds too.

Travel Tuesday # 22 – Vale of Evesham

Time to share another scrapbook page.  I pulled a red binder off my shelf and found memories of an August 2005 trip to England.  My husband was on a mission to see a number of cathedrals and while there are tons of pictures of them I enjoyed taking shots of the landscape while we traveled mile after mile on trains.  These photos include some crops being harvested.  I could not figure out what the crop was.  If you know, or have an educated guess I am interested in learning.

I’ll be posting more pages from this particular trip in the weeks to come.  Until then…