I love Britain

Those of you who have been reading “KittyHere or There, Anywhere” over the years may remember that There stands for the U.K., mostly England and Scotland. Since the inception of Facebook I have been fiercely anti-Facebook.  After all, if you want to share online you can use a blog!  But I yielded.  I really wanted to take advantage of some quality coaching for the low FODMAP diet (see my other blog about FODMAPs) that used private Facebook groups.  Now that I have joined Facebook I have set up a page called I love Britain – Present, Past, Future.  Would be happy if anyone cares to follow me there. (Yep, I’m unwilling to pay Facebook a cent to promote it.)  And Britain being Britain, I have decided the photo of an adorable little dog would be a more fitting profile picture than a cat, even though I do have photos of cats taken here, there, and anywhere around England.free


On the move

If you could move to any location on the planet, where would you go and why?

I spent a good number of years dreaming of retiring to the Cotswolds town of Morton-in-Marsh. If I could move anywhere that would still be high on my list of choices. However if money is no object I might consider a location in central London within view of one of the beautiful parks. If I did so I would enjoy the lovely flower gardens without having to labor, I would visit museums, attend concerts and theatre. And when I needed an escape from the urban hustle and bustle I would take a train out to the countryside.

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Travel Tuesday – Longing for London

For a 10 year plus period, starting in 1998,  I was lucky enough to fly into Heathrow once or twice a year spending some time in London and other parts of England or Scotland.   Watching the Olympic coverage is making me miss my favorite destination, so I am sharing some more London scrap-book pages.    These snap shots  were taken on Christmas Day 2005 during a lunch cruise on the Thames.


Travel Tuesday # 28 – Peterborough Market & Cathedral

August 8, 2005 was a beautiful today to be in Peterborough England. 


We spent most our time inside the “Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew Peterborough” — that is a mouth full.   However, as I look back it is these outside photos that remind me of how nice the day was.

If you click the link above you will see a list of the 10 things of note at the cathedral.  For me, as a reader of historical novels since my late teens, Katherine of Aragon’s grave & Mary Queen of Scots’ former resting place were the spots I headed for first.


pt B Music Monday # 24 – The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney, and the Queen

(Technical issues appear to be keeping me from including comments along with the video on this topic.)

Sir Paul McCartney performed last week in front of Buckingham Palace as part of the Diamond Jubilee giant pop concert for the Queen.  The connection between Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Beatles dates back to 1964 when the band burst on to the world music scene.  That year the Queen ordered the Beatles to her birthday party, and they attended.  In 1965 the Beatles received MBE (Members of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) awards from the Queen.  Their names were put forward for the honor by the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson.