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Travel Tuesday # 23 – Bishop’s Palace & Gardens, Wells England

If there is any place where the pictures in my scrapbook fail to do justice to my memory of its beauty  Wells Bishop’s Palace & Gardens is it.  I also believe there have been a lot of improvements made to this attraction since my August 2005 visit.  
The first time we went to Wells to visit the Cathedral we were unaware that the Bishop’s Palace & Gardens were there just around the corner.  Luckily we found out about them on made a return trip to visit both.  And my husband and I need to get back to Wells England again as we have yet to catch a service and hear their choir live.

Music Monday # 23 — Elgar and Royal Pomp

Yesterday I set my DVR to record the BBC America coverage of the Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant.   I watched the program just before calling it a day last night. The final music barge carried members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Royal College of Music Chamber Choir, directed by Thomas Blunt,.  It stopped next to the royal barge for a short performance including Elgar’s Land of Hope and Glory.    I have included a BBC clip of yesterday’s performance, which may or not be active when you view this post:  (BBC – Musical Finale of Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant .   I am not finding any video that I find to be an adequate replacement if the link above fails, although you can go to YouTube for versions from “The Last Night of the Proms” concerts.  And the LPO does have a recording on sale at

A little history–     Edward Elgar wrote two Pomp and Circumstance Marches in 1901.  “Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 in D Major” was so admired by Queen Victoria’s son, Edward VII, that he commissioned Elgar to compose a work for his coronation.  The song “Land of Hope and Glory” was the result of Elgar reworking that 1st march and adding words written by Arthur C. Benson  to the trio section of the march.  It was part of the commissioned ‘Coronation Ode” that earned Elgar a knighthood, and the title Sir, in 1904.

Travel Tuesday # 22 – Vale of Evesham

Time to share another scrapbook page.  I pulled a red binder off my shelf and found memories of an August 2005 trip to England.  My husband was on a mission to see a number of cathedrals and while there are tons of pictures of them I enjoyed taking shots of the landscape while we traveled mile after mile on trains.  These photos include some crops being harvested.  I could not figure out what the crop was.  If you know, or have an educated guess I am interested in learning.

I’ll be posting more pages from this particular trip in the weeks to come.  Until then…

Travel Tuesday # 20 – Bury St. Edmunds

Here are two scrapbook pages from an October 2009 day in Bury St. Edmunds:

After arriving by train we spent some time inside the St Edmundsbury Cathedral followed by a pleasant stroll around the Abbey Gardens.            


Travel Tuesday # 19 – Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh

I am working my way through the scrap-book pages from my September 2009 trip to Scotland.  Today I am sharing a couple of photos of the Palace of Holyroodhouse,  a photo of the 12th century abbey ruins, plus a shot of “the huge crag, which rises to a height of 822 feet above sea-level” which is part of Holyrood Park and called “Arthur’s Seat“.

Travel Tuesday # 17 – Robert Burns

Today I am once again sharing scrap-book pages from my September 2009 trip to Scotland.  These pages reflect a day at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum and nearby area.  I remember it was real Scottish weather, rainy and cool.  One of the unplanned highlights was listening to a piper outside a church and watching the people, dressed up in their finest — many a man in a kilt, walking in for a country wedding. 

Travel Tuesday # 16 – Back to my scrapbooks

Over the years the way I have saved (or not saved) travel photos and mementos has changed.  Today I pulled a scrapbook / album  of our 2009 fall trip to Scotland and England off the shelf.  At that time I noticed that I had used software to make photo collages that I then printed on regular paper.  The quality and color maybe a little off but I still like the images.  Here is a page from a Sunday spent in Edinburgh that includes exterior shots of St. Giles’ Cathedral, also known as the High Kirk of Edinburgh: 

Music Monday # 16 – Queen

On this date in 1974 the band Queen held its first U.S. concert at Regis College in Denver, CO.   I remember that my best friend throughout H.S. was an early fan of Queen.  I did not come to liking their music until much later but I have to admit I have a fair number of their “Greatest Hits” on my iPod.  Click on the blue ‘Queen’  for a YouTube of one of my favorites   —    Queen.   (Yes,  I am giving you a chance to try to guess what song it might be.)

Wacky Wednesday # 10 – Learn What Your Name Means Day

According to BrownieLocks  March 7 is Learn What Your Name Means Day.  There are other dates in early March also given this distinction (the 4th or 9th).  My proper first name is Kathleen, meaning pure  & is considered to be Irish in origin.  My nickname Kitty is a diminutive of Katherine, which is a variant of Kathleen.  Kitty is considered English or Irish.

My maiden name is a relatively uncommon Scottish name, from Eastern Scotland, and a sect of the Gordon clan.  The photo below shows the remains of Huntly Castle in Scotland. It became the stronghold of the Gordons when  Alexander, 2nd Lord Gordon, was created Earl of Huntly in about 1445.

My married name is a very common surname that is considered English or Welsh.  However the British Isles are not the origins of my husband’s family.  My husband’s four grandparents were all immigrants to America coming from Poland & Russia.

Travel Tuesday # 9 – The National Railway Museum in York England

There photos were taken in 1999.  The Road Train  that takes you to the National Railway Museum from Duncombe Place (next to York Minster)  gets you into the mood. 

A historic logo –

The National Railway Museum in York & Shildon is the largest railway museum in the world.   Learn more by clicking here.

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