I LOVE (Hate) a Parade

Memorial Day Weekend here in the states, and that means parades.  As a kid, I watched a ton of parades, marched in a bunch too.  But I never was in a school with a marching band.  Became a music teacher without learning anything about marching bands, concert band yes, marching bands no.  Ended up in a school where I asked in my interview do you expect the band to march, they answered no.  I took the job.  Memorial Day came around and oops, they expected the band to march.  I survived, it was 33 years ago.  But I still have mixed feelings about parades.

This morning my hubby comes back from a trip to town and says he wants to go back into town to watch the parade, can I dress in 10 minutes.  Well, I did.  It was 40 minutes long.  To keep myself amused I took a ton of pictures with my iPhone.  And congratulations to the 3 music teachers in the neighboring town (elementary, middle, and high school) who were out there with their kids.

Parade Marshal in red car, H.S. Marching Band, local Democrats — this part of Vermont is so Democratic there were no Republicans to be seen.

More state level politicians, a fife & drum group, Shriners, local youth ice hockey, horse-drawn wagon.

The Middle School Band with their very young director — they sounded great and lucky them, do not have silly uniforms to wear,  Humane Society,  a Scottish Pipe Band, many local fire departments, “girls on the run”, and Vets for Peace (yep, it is Vermont and the hippies that moved in during the 1960s are still here.)  We are one of the least diverse states, but it does not mean we are anti-diversity.

Getting close to the end, an assortment of this and that, the Elementary School Band, playing something other than Our Director (which they always called the Mary Hogan School Song) — I am all in favor of the change and was very impressed with their performance, then very, very last ambulances that I did not photograph,  I was thinking of heading home and what is picturesque about a modern ambulance van anyway.   As parades go, this one was semi small town quirky and just long enough.

New Blog

FODMAP pantryI have been away from the blogging world for some time.  Now I am opening a new site as a journal while I go on a low FODMAP diet on the advice of my doctor.  It will be rather frank, sometimes (think “way too much information”) but it will also document the joys of shopping for different grocery items,  cooking new  things, and (crossing my fingers) getting back to feeling a whole lot better.

I will return to posting on this site once I am again doing more here, there, and anywhere, especially traveling.


Pretty but vanilla

from Gourmet Provence in Brandon, Vermont

If your husband goes by himself to pick out a dessert he just might return  with a pretty but vanilla cake.  Can you believe he could have selected chocolate raspberry?  Darn, but perhaps he figured with bland vanilla he will get more of it for himself.

2014 in review

2014 has been a light blogging year for me but there are good friends who have continued to follow me and leave thoughtful comments. Thank you all and best wishes for the coming New Year.

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