Six Word Fridays ~ Mirror

quilt eQuilts, a mirror to the past.

These  quilts date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Quilt bquilt cquilt dA sampling of the quilts on display at the Shelburne Museum
as part of a  special exhibit now through October 26, 2014.




Word for 12/24 – Marry

Weddings can be simple or elaborate.  Hopefully when a couple marry it is for love and many years together.  I never knew the groom in this photo.  He died young.  The bride in the photo was the aunt who raised me from the time I was five.  It has remains my favorite wedding photo of all time to this day. 

Word for 12/8 – Originate

Some form of an English peers’ robe may originate back to the end of the 14th century.  The ceremonial robes made of crimson silk velvet, trimmed with white ermine & rows of black sealskin spots date back at least to 1614.  It looks like the robes below have 3 rows of spots, or perhaps 2 1/2 rows.  That would mean that the robes belong to an Earl or perhaps a Viscount.  A Baron would only have 2 rows of spots, while a Duke would rate 4 full rows.