KittyHere — yes that’s me. Kitty is a nickname from childhood that I never managed to shake.   I’m Here, as in still living in the same little state where I was born (Vermont).   There is the U.K.   I traveled there, often twice a year,  between 1998 – 2011.   Anywhere is other places.

Keeping a journal or diary has never been my thing but heck I’m here to give it a try. Much of this will be mundane. I hope however that you can ‘hear’ the giggles I try to bring to routine everyday days.

Thanks for dropping by.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, kittyhere! I want to welcome you to the diabeticredemption.com family. I’m very happy to have you on board. If you get a chance, please find my Friends page, and leave a comment with some info about yourself and your blog, along with a URL. This way, my readers can get to know you, and visit your blog. Again, Welcome!

    • Ah London. But as a rural person I would only be comfortable in London if I reside in a neighborhood far beyond my ‘means’. But I’d love to be an hour or two away by train.

      • Oh I know, I wish I could live in a greener and more residential area, and sometimes I think about moving out of the city, but don’t honestly think I could take the long commute…London is really expensive though and I hope to leave one day, but for now it’s..a home.

  2. robin@www.crimeandliterature.com says:

    Your cats are beautiful and I love their names! I can always use a giggle 🙂 I will be dropping by.

      • I’m glad I ran into you here! I’m working to prevent it. I’m borderline with a very strong family history and I’m terrified of getting it. I hope you’re doing well. WordPress is so full of extremely nice people, I find the whole community very supportive. Have a nice day! 🙂

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