KittyHere — yes that’s me. Kitty is a nickname from childhood that I never managed to shake.   I’m Here, as in still living in the same little state where I was born (Vermont).   There is the U.K.   I traveled there, often twice a year,  between 1998 – 2011.   Anywhere is other places.

Do I remember when I started this blog?  No, but the history feature here on WordPress suggests in might have been around March of 2010.  How long have I been away.  Don’t recall that either, but once again WordPress could tell me.  It was in November of 2016.  Wow times does get ticking into the future.   Today is 1/11/2019 and I am thinking I might pop in from time to time this year.   Thinking most likely cooking posts, and maybe some local pictures.  No big plans for travel, so mostly the “HERE” part of my title.

Thanks for dropping by.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, kittyhere! I want to welcome you to the diabeticredemption.com family. I’m very happy to have you on board. If you get a chance, please find my Friends page, and leave a comment with some info about yourself and your blog, along with a URL. This way, my readers can get to know you, and visit your blog. Again, Welcome!

    1. Ah London. But as a rural person I would only be comfortable in London if I reside in a neighborhood far beyond my ‘means’. But I’d love to be an hour or two away by train.

      1. Oh I know, I wish I could live in a greener and more residential area, and sometimes I think about moving out of the city, but don’t honestly think I could take the long commute…London is really expensive though and I hope to leave one day, but for now it’s..a home.

  2. Your cats are beautiful and I love their names! I can always use a giggle 🙂 I will be dropping by.

      1. I’m glad I ran into you here! I’m working to prevent it. I’m borderline with a very strong family history and I’m terrified of getting it. I hope you’re doing well. WordPress is so full of extremely nice people, I find the whole community very supportive. Have a nice day! 🙂

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