Thoughtful Thursday # 17 – Art

What type of art do you appreciate most?

I am going to address this question in terms of visual art.  I am fond of landscapes, still life paintings, and portraits (people or pets).  I like watercolors and pastels best.

I live in an area full of artists of all types.  I am not a deep pocketed collector so I tend to appreciate the works of people who manage to produce moderately priced work that reflect this region.  I have several watercolors by Deborah Holmes.   My husband and I purchased a couple of her winter scenes and pictures of sheep over the years as Christmas gifts to us.  To see what she has available for sale now click here.  My favorite picture in my home however is a pastel portrait of Zoe, the cat who graced my home for 17 years.  My next art purchase?  Easy, that will be portraits of my two new cats,  Thunder and Lightning.