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Music Monday # 14 – Boston Handel and Haydn Society

Yesterday my husband and I made a day trip to Boston for a performance of Bach’s St. Mathew Passion a Symphony Hall by the Handel and Haydn Society.  It was a lot of time sitting in the car, plus nearly 3 hours of sitting in the original leather seats of the hall, which date back to 1900.  But it was a great performance.  If you want a more in-dept review I will refer you to The Boston Globe.

(personal photo taken prior to part 2 of the concert removed per request of the Handel and Haydn Society — they do not allow photography of any kind within the concert hall.)

Harry Christophers conducting  the St. Matthew Passion -photo: Kyle T. Hemingway, courtesy of Handel and Haydn Society.

The major female soloists were Soprano Gillian Keith and Alto (mezzo-soprano?) Monica Groop.  Before attending the concert my husband had listened to a  John Eliot Gardiner recording of the work.  He made mention of the “Sind Blitze, sind Donner in Wolken vershwunden? ” chorus, and that, in case your German is a little rusty,  translates to something like ” Have Lightening and Thunder vanished in the clouds?”  Now the lead up to this chorus is a duet by the Soprano and Alto soloists.  So while I might have been having intellectual thoughts what was really was going through my mind was

our cat Lightning

as the Soprano soloist


our Thunder

as the Alto soloist.

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