Thoughtful Thursday # 13 – Extra Time

Describe what you would do with 4 extra hours today?

Honestly if I had an extra 4 hours I would probably ‘waste’ them like I do many an hour.  Do I feel guilty about this?  Not much.  I feel fortunate and indulged, but not guilty.   I have lived a good part of my past being productive, busy, and feeling like every hour of waking time should be fully utilized.  Do I think that all the people who say ad nauseam “but I don’t have time”  would be better off if they only had an extra 4 hours?  Absolutely not.  We all get the same 24 hours a day.  Learning to take enough time for sleep, for self, for others, for work is something everyone gets to balance.  I do not think a 28 hour day would do anything but exhaust the exhausted more.    

Now if you ask how I might take 4 hours for myself and use them wisely then that is a different matter.  I think I would take 1 hour and split it between just getting up and bedtime.  I would use that time to be even slower getting ready for the day, or winding down at the end of the time.  Perhaps I would read a little more, or actually do some extra grooming or tidying of the bath & bedroom.  A second of those hours could be devoted to remembering that I have a nice piano that ought to get played.  A third hour could be devoted to chipping away at culling clutter or some deep cleaning.  And if I really did those 2 hours of projects I think that 4 the hour should be totally social — meeting with a friend, talking on the phone, or writing email and checking the blogs of interesting people.  And do I think the ‘busy’ over extended people of the world could and should claim 4 hours for themselves,  Yes.  And if they think 4 hours would be impossible, fine.  My reply to them is OK but don’t tell me that finding 1 or 2 hours is not possible.

Real Simple has a number of pie charts showing how a typical day is spent.  And they have a page for you to create your own pie chart of how you spend a typical day, a typical weekend day, or a fantasy day.  Perhaps the most fun of all however would be making a pie chart of “how others think I spend my day”.

Real Simple is also having a  blogger contest, where you could:

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  • Receive a prize of $1,000

by writing on this topic:

What was the most difficult thing you had to give up in order to balance your schedule? Maybe you stopped watching a favorite TV show or dropped out of your book club. Whatever that sacrifice was, tell us your story for a chance to blog on

illustration from Real Simple email

click here for more info on the contest

I have no intention to enter but it would be wonderful if one of my blog readers won it because they heard about it from this post.